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Man Talk is a network for men in the North West to open up, support and discuss all matters surrounding mental health.

According to mentalhealth.org, men aged 40-49 have the highest suicide rates in the UK and are less likely to access psychological therapies than women due to a societal expectation and traditional gender roles. Here at Man Talk, we want to change this today.

Created in 2020 by best friends Sam and Terence, Man Talk helps men in the UK talk about mental health struggles and meet like-minded individuals who are experiencing the same situation. After both experiencing the mental health system, the duo wanted to create a system with no stigma that help regular events with informality so men could discuss, share and listen to a safe space. With this, Man Talk was formed and has continued growing since.

Designed specifically for men who may be struggling, Man Talk UK is a group that creates a safe haven to open up and access mental health services a peer support. With both private and public group strands, Man Talk opens up the conversation on mental health.

Sam Driscoll